I love the ‘nids, they’re just so beautiful to model – so organic, so spiky, so brutal.


My scratch-built Tervigon like creature.  It’s pretty huge and so you wouldn’t game with it, probably.  I just love to imagine the sheer bulk of a creature which can spawn upto 18 Termagaunts in a turn.  Perhaps this should be a Tervigon Prime and spawn Carnifexes or Warriors?

Tervigon and Brood

Close up of the spawning organs

Tervigon Spawning Organs


My first scratch-built creature.  Also known a “Tiny”.  Weighs a tonne!

Tiny versus Dreadnought

Here’s some details

Tiny Front

Another front view which shows the mouth and bio-cannons in more detail

Tiny Mouth

Tiny Side

Give the huge claws and head I needed to create a counter-balance.  Otherwise I think that the joints on the rear legs would have been under excessive strain.

Tiny Scything Tail


I’ve started work on a scratch built Tyrannofex.  The full details are here

Tyrannofex vs Carnifex

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