Eldar Autarch on JetBike

Back in the swing of things and some Christmas painting is finally nearing completion.  Here’s my Eldar Autarch on his jetbike…


Big Bad Daemons

Finally got around to painting and photographing my new big bad daemons here they are…


With more pictures here.

What next?

Having finished my Tyrannofex I’m trying to decide what to build next.  Top candidate is a Greater Daemon of Nurgle at the moment.  I’ve got a few other things brewing.  I’m painting some Daemonettes and I’m thinking about converting a Soul Grinder to Nurgle.  Have to do some sketching and see what works.

Tyrannofex Progressing nicely

The main body shell of my Tyrannofex is now closed.  Start getting to the fun detailing soon.  Next up will probably be work on the front talons and the gun carcass.

Tyrannofex incoming

Started work on a Tyrannofex during the week.  Got the wires and basic Milliput skeleton in place.  I’m try to keep this model smaller than previous Nids.  That said I think it’s still going to be pretty big in the end.  I’ve also added a page showing how the work is progressing here.

Starting all over again

Having real trouble with uploads of pictures and creating stable links.  Inexperience with some Word Press options and an inability to get at the raw data.  How can I debug stuff when I can’t see the raw data or hack the DB?